Brake Inspection

Royal GTA auto-complete routine brake inspection in Mississauga on various types and models of vehicles. These inspections are meant to prevent unfavorable incidents and to maintain, possibly the most essential part of the vehicle other than the engine. Malfunctioning and compromised brakes are responsible for accidents as they can fail at any time even in the middle of a very busy road. Regular inspection proves to be a useful tool in preventing unexpected brake failure and accidents or collisions that may follow.

For brand new vehicles, the need for a brake inspection in Toronto may not be urgent. However, if you are experiencing

  • The pedal of the break is low and feels heavy/spongy
  • Shrill of squealing noise each time the brakes are used
  • The warning light (brakes)is on
  • It is difficult to push down on the brake pedal
  • You hear a metal clunking sound when you press the brake
  • Vibrations

These are the most common indications of a faulty brake. If you are experiencing even one of these many symptoms of faulty brakes it is advised to visit us immediately. While vehicles are generally durable and can be kept in use despite minor faults, a compromised brake isn’t something you should sleep on.

How can we help?

At Royal GTA auto we will first complete a brake check in Toronto to find the root of the problem. There are two main types of breaks: drum and disc. The purpose of each of these brakes is to effectively stop the car and prevent it from spinning out of control or possible collisions. However, age, regular use, inadequate will wear down the brake pad completely, affect the function of the calipers and cause damage to the rotors. If these systems are functioning effectively, we will proceed to examine the brake fluid. Not enough brake fluid also reduces the pressure on the brake disrupting the entire function.

After a thorough examination, we proceed to repair the system. this depends entirely on the scale of the damage your brake system has sustained.

Why choose us for auto brake repairs in Mississauga?

Royal GTA auto is a complete auto repair and workshop that targets major brake repairs and routine. Inspection is a part of the preventative procedure while repairs are what follows if there is a discrepancy. We have been fixing rotors, installing brake pads, and refilling the brake fluid for large, small, and medium-sized vehicles for over a decade. you can trust our process to be quick, effective, and affordable.

We provide guaranteed brake repair in Toronto, no matter what the age and condition of your car, while we strongly recommend that you get your brakes inspected at least every six months, If the brakes for some reason have worn down, we will get them repaired and working in no time. Just leave your vehicle with us and our technicians will complete the inspection and repair process in time. If there are any further complications, we will inform you before we begin working on your car.