Window Tinting

Royal GTA auto excels in tinting the windshield, front side, backside, and rear windows of your car given that the process is compliant with the law. The quality of service we offer remains the best in GTA due to our detailed procedure and purpose-built facility. We bring your vehicle to our facility and work under customized conditions to apply tint to selected windows on your car. you can expect our crew to complete tinting at the recommended darkness within the hour and get your vehicle back to you. you can discuss the details of the service you need with us before we begin. We are open to working with VLT strips and partial tints if allowed by law.

Our window tinting service details


  • Environment

Once your appointment time has been finalized, our crew will take your vehicle to a customized space where dust and wind are not present.

  • Preparation

Once we have placed your vehicle in the customized tinting area, we begin preparing your windows for application. For the tint to go on smoothly your windows need to be immaculately clean. You can trust our crew to remove, dust, grime water spots, and any other contaminants thoroughly whilst preparing the window for the following steps.

  • Accurate measurements

We have specialists designated to cutting and measuring film to fit right into the curves and designs of your windows. We also use heat guns to shrink and mold the film to fit accurately onto the windows that you have decided to tint. We use safe processes only to ensure that there’s no harm to your vehicle.

  • Installation and inspection

We finalize the tint installation followed by a thorough inspection to make sure all parts of the window surfaces are completely covered in the film.

  • Drying

After the inspection and installation, we allot a drying time for each vehicle. it can take anywhere from 3 days to3 weeks depending on the weather conditions and type of tinting film used. We will also give you precautionary measures to follow when tinting is complete.