Tune Up

The longevity of a car depends on how well you have maintained it. preventative improves the overall function of the vehicle while ensuring that there is no major damage or wear and tear to the essential components of a car. Royal GTA auto specializes in car tune-up in Mississauga. you can trust us to improve the performance of any car no matter what the age, size, and model. You can consult our technicians to decide on a viable schedule based on the specifics of your vehicle. car tune-ups, as opposed to detailing, are an essential part of regular vehicle. This procedure targets all the components of your vehicle that experience wear and tear.

Why is car tune-up in GTA necessary?

Car tune-ups are an essential part of keeping the performance of your car at its peak. The focus of car tunes ups is the spark plugs, wires, fuel pumps, fuel injections, PVC valves, condensers, and similar parts that experience the brunt of regular usage.

Our technicians focus on these parts, examine them thoroughly, use the latest state-of-the-art technology and compliant practices to deliver on your expectations.

Steps involved in a car tune-up at Royal GTA auto

Our process is thorough and addresses all evident and possible wear and tear your car is experiencing. We are your go-to solution for routine car tune-ups in Toronto and surrounding locations. Here is what we do

  1. Initial examination of the entire vehicle
  2. Oil check-up and fluid level check
  3. Tire tread examination
  4. Battery corrosion examination
  5. Lights, signaling fixture, and brake lighting check
  6. Oil change
  7. Air filter inspection or replacement
  8. Wipe blade and function check
  9. Internal belt checks
  10. Inspection or replacements of spark plugs
  11. Testing

We do not leave any stone unturned when tuning your vehicle for you. visit us today!