Powder Coating Rims

Powder coating can best be defined as an innovation in the world of automotive. It is a useful addition to any car and has multiple benefits that go beyond just the appearance of a vehicle. Royal GTA auto services take great pride in offering access to the latest advancements in auto-care. Powder coating wheels in Mississauga is one of the many services we provide to our valued customers.

What is powder coating for wheel-rims?

Many car owners often confuse powder coating with regular paint for the rims. Unlike paint, powder coating relies on an electric charge to adhere to the rims completely changing the appearance of these fixtures on your vehicle. At Royal GTA auto we use specially designed tools to disperse the powder while charging the ions simultaneously creating a bind between the metal of the rims and the powder itself.

Our powder rim coating service in Toronto and GTA offers an affordable alternative to customized rings for your wheels. The electronically charged pigment and resin deliver a finished look in any color you would like. After our experts are done covering the rims completely in pigment, they proceed to bake the wheels allowing the chemical process or “curing and binding” to transpire. Our coating services leave your rims covered in your pigment of choice for a long time providing additional benefits such as

  • Improved resistance

Our car rim coating in Mississauga stands out because we cover your rims with a non-porous substance that does not succumb to corrosion, exposure, and other forms of wear and tear. Unlike paint, powder coating is a far more resistant substance that keeps the rims free from contaminants and deterioration for a very long time.

  • Durable coating

While paint also acts as a coat for the rims, powder coating offers a more durable option. Our experts use quality resins and pigments as well as the right tools to spray coat each crevice of the rim perfectly. Our procedure and use of quality materials make the rims last much longer than they would with regular coatings. We use baking to fuse the powder to the rim material leaving no opening for road contaminants to make their way in. moreover, as rim coating is a durable practice it also makes it a sustainable choice. There are no volatile organic substances used in composing resin and pigment while making it an environmentally sound choice.

Why get rim coating in GTA done at Royal GTA auto?

As an auto workshop that holds a reputation for being the best in the business, we do not compromise on quality or processes. You can expect us to be completely forthcoming about powders we use, the time it takes, and the pricing. Not only do we value your assets (cars) but also your time. Our goal is to be quick efficient and reliable. This is why we have the best technology to complete powder coating and baking for your rims in time and effectively.