Signs your car needs a tune-up

To improve the overall useability of your car and to keep it working efficiently till you decide to upgrade you need a tune-up now and then. However, if it isn’t for preventative reasons your car is sure to give you a heads-up that you need to visit your nearest auto-service for a tune-up. As a driver, it is necessary to understand what your car needs and if there is a problem before any major breakdowns.

  1. It isn’t starting immediately, you have to try a few times
  2. The braking mechanism isn’t smooth
  3. The engine is stalling
  4. Is loud and noisy unexpectedly
  5. The warning lights are going haywire
  6. It is using more fuel than usual

While these are the most common indicators for a car in need of a tune-up, you may want to get your vehicle inspected every six months to prevent any prominent problems that would lead to excessive expenses.